We are continually bombarded by information, by bodily and sensory overload which causes discord. It's all just part of the contemporary world we live in. Now more than ever it is crucial to attune ourselves towards greater mental, and physical balance, to align ourselves through daily practice towards our best selves. Our staff offers quick, easy to integrate tips to help you stay inspired to find harmony.



Clutter is not just physical stuff.
It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits.
Clutter is anything that does not support your better self. - Eleanor Brownn

Your homework: Create a list of what isn’t currently working in your life. Next, determine the actions you can take to change your circumstances and begin. Take one step at a time. Give yourself permission to ask for help and remain focused on the benefits of your actions.


You know, that month where people resolve to change; set their intentions (workout more, be kinder, work harder, etc), assuming that you have continued on with yours, what worked for you? What didn’t?

This is the month that it all seems to stick; people DEDICATE themselves to this new HABIT.

It takes anywhere from 5-8 weeks for this habit to form depending on the habit. Drinking water: 21 days maybe? Working out twice per week could take 8 weeks! The tougher the goal, the longer it takes to create the habit and the harder it is to truly dedicate oneself to that way of life. When people dedicate themselves to something and a habit is formed, they are acting with “automaticity” or "without thinking”. Still with me? Example: It'd be nice n easy if we turn our girl scout cookie habit into a kale salad habit!? It’s not, which is why we have conversions like this and Weight Watchers is still in business.