With Acceptance Comes A BIG Reality Check

1. Accept that you are a work in progress (WIP). 2. Accept that you may or may not have the body you want in the timeline you set for yourself. BE REALISTIC.
Factor in: age (real age ladies!), height, weight (real weight, ahem), physical activity for the last 2 years, and food intake.

3. Accept that you will always be a slave and student to and for your body and mind.
“You are always a student, never a master..” - Conrad Hall
4. Accept that you need help. We all do. AMEN! Do not tell me that 100% of the time: you know what you eat and your workouts are perfection. No one is that perfect and there is always someone out there that has stellar advice (defer to #3). Put your ego aside. ????

So, what now? Seek help. Look inside yourself and figure out what it is that you want and need physically and mentally and emotionally from this and create a gameplan with the help of internet, friends, professionals (Harmony Studios!) etc.