Pilates Tower Stretch and Massage

This class is taught by:

Annalisa Pessin

ANNALISA PESSIN came to Pilates out of a dedicated and determined effort to address her own aches and pains which stemmed from chronic tightness and structural imbalances. While her pursuit of Pilates was initially to help herself, to her surprise she discovered that she really enjoyed assessing other people's injuries and assisting them in their healing process. She was initially certified in Gyrotonics and was fortunate to shadow a master teacher at a Physical Therapy office where she was able to learn more about rehabilitating shoulder, lower back and hip injuries specifically. She also worked at a PT office which specializes in women's health and wellness where she was able to aid women in breast cancer recovery, women in both pre and post natal stages and women with chronic pelvic issues. Aside from Gyrotonic and Pilates she is certified in Power Plate and Foundation Training. Annalisa uses her wealth of knowledge, creative "out-of-the-box" thinking and attentive hands-on approach to work with clients from all walks of life.
Teaching Style:
Annalisa has a background in fine art and it shows! She is very attuned to detail and makes solid hands on corrections and cues akin to what you might experience in a yoga class. She is also known for innovative and creative use of Pilates props to help you get the most out of your workout.
Improve your alignment and posture with self massage and stretching. This class will help you to locate and connect with those stubborn spots that hold on to tension and will bring about more awareness to create change in your body! Looking to improve head, neck & shoulder mobility? Trunk & abdominal muscle strength? Feel great from your head to your toes all by using self massage, foam rollers, massage balls and Pilates equipment. This class will have you feeling taller, lighter, more relaxed and more energized! Here's to you! You deserve it!